Balsamic Cream

In a romantic engagement, we brought together, 'MESSINO' aged balsamic vinegar and must of Messinian grapes and created a new - wonderfully tasty - product. 'MESSINO' balsamic cream.

Use it to granish your salads, roasts and vegetables, and give them an incredibly deep sweet & sour taste. Exceed the limits of taste by decorating cakes, ice cream or cocktails. Pleasantly surprise your guests and become the centre of attention.

It has now been 40 years in which we have served our clients with the utmost loyalty to quality and innovation ( of both products and services ), always keeping up with the latest trends and in many cases setting the path for others to follow. We now invite you to travel with us to explore new flavour destinations...


'MESSINO' balsamic cream...

Surprise your taste buds..!!!

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